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Google+ and Search Engine Results

Facebook’s newest rival, Google+, launched its service almost 2 years ago, and now is finally gaining momentum in the race for your attention.

Because Google is the most powerful search engine in the world, and Google obviously owns Google+, your company’s Facebook page could show up lower on the search engine results and may be replaced by – you guessed it – your Google+ profile. This increase in Google+ content showing up in search engine results makes it mandatory to have a profile and play ball. We can predict that the trend will only swing upward in favor of Google+ over Facebook in terms of SEO.
Affectionately called G+, Google+ has already reached over 100 million members. Recent studies show there is less interaction among members than Facebook, but that the members are more business-minded, slightly older on average, and it has a higher ratio of professional marketers using it as a tool for business.
So what now??
Just like Facebook, G+ only works IF YOU USE IT.
Daily interaction is imperative. G+ uses “Circles” to group people together. You can have your own Work circles, Family, Friends, etc. It is up to you to do the initial legwork and reach out to people you know – coworkers, industry friends, employees, vendors and community groups, for example.  You can search for other profiles based on your interests and get suggestions about what is relative to you and your likes. Find interesting articles to post, ask questions, share your thoughts.
When you come across people and posts you like while you are out browsing, “circle” those people. You don’t need to know them in real life, and you can end up making a great contact.
Engage others by commenting on posts, +1 them (the G+ equivalent of Facebook’s “Like” button) and reshare neat things you come across. A good rule of them is to engage others three times more often than posting your own content.
If you only broadcast blog posts or random posts and don’t talk to anyone else on G+ or play well with others, G+ won’t do anything to help you.
G+ is VERY give and take.. .a true SOCIAL website. Spend a few moments developing relationships with the above steps and you WILL have people visiting your site without you asking/self-promoting. Promise.

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