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Mobile Marketing in Canada

Is there an actual expression to describe a advertising approach in a handheld approach? If yes, then the name will be clearly “Mobile Marketing”. It is nothing but the distribution of promotional and advertising messages to shoppers through wireless networks. As per the present custom, there would just be a single individual in North America, who doesn’t own a mobile device. Having a mobile today has become a habit in our daily living. Knowing the need for mobiles in our daily lifetime, many companies and agencies began to utilize it for advertising reasons. This really is how mobile advertising technique got its existence.

Though North America holds top ranking in mobile advertising, Canada doesn’t have a full-fledged participation in this field. Canada being the world’s 2nd biggest nation spends virtually over $ 19 billion per year for advertising reasons. But among this $ 19 billion, just $ 5 million is invested every year on mobile advertising and advertising. The same $ 5 million is invested by a single advertising organization in the US. This doesn’t mean that, there are a limited numbers of mobile consumers in Canada. Comparing to US, Canada also offers equal amount of mobile consumers, texting over 20 billion occasions per year. It is equally estimated that about 4 million Canadians employ mobile internet over when in a week. You can today raise the query, “then what wouldn’t have allow mobile advertising techniques to thrive in Canada?” Why for this holdup is recession. Due for this, the financial conditions prevailed in Canada 2 years back, affected the advertising industry to its extreme.

As a result of the recession, no funding was provided for unique ventures.

Additionally, many advertising jobs were disconnected, which thereby forced agencies to deal with a comprehensive cut. Though the conditions are economically getting greater in Canada at present, initiatives to promote mobile advertising approaches are seldom found. There is not any agency or brand to take initiative procedures in advertising and advertising via mobile devices. Recession cannot be mentioned as truly the only reason for this. It is additionally very factual that, the extensive scheme of mobile advertising has not been really accepted in Canada yet. The agencies and brand managers in Canada normally hesitate to start with a unique concept and this might be the reason why nearly all of the Canadians are not aware of the mobile advertising techniques.

Once you face success in this mobile advertising field, then you’d absolutely know it as the number one technique for advertising your treatments and services. But until and unless you take the risk of launching this technique, it is very tough for anybody to achieve success in mobile advertising field, very in a nation like Canada.

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