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Website Top Rankings – Article Writing

website ranking
by siwild

It is likely that you are reading this writing because you know how beneficial article writing is to gain website top rankings. Am I correct? I thought so.

However, there is more to article-writing than you can imagine. One reason is the number of publications exploiting ignorance. Those authors tell us to, literally, submit our articles to thousands of websites with the intent of gaining website top rankings.

I became a SEO Marketing Specialist certified by the reputable Academy of Web Specialists, and I am telling you “Do Not Do It”. It is tempting to imagine hundreds of your articles published in a huge number of websites; then… abracadabra… your website is at the top.

Search Engines’ folks already thought of it, and they call it “Repetition”. They penalize websites for the ill-intended and deceitfully ways to gain rankings. I’ll give you some pointers. Then, you decide.

1. You write great many articles and you publish them in lots of websites. When Search Engines find them, you have a problem hard to defuse: the guys behind Search Engines want unique content, and instead, they see you coming from a mile away with malice in your eyes; and they have a gun. Not good.

2. Search Engines do not like web pages that remain unchanged for extensive periods of time. They conceive them to lack fresh content. The guys inculcating you to submit all your articles to a large number of websites got you into the mountain-like obligation to periodically update each article with fresh content. Otherwise, your articles are stale and they have incriminating links pointing to your website. Ouch !

3. Assuming you are writing good articles and web site owners publishing them in their web sites, your unchanged articles appear in the great many web sites the bad guys told you to submit them to, and then, in large number of private web sites.

In other words, “Repetition” is increasing and you are sinking in quicksand. Shoot !

4. The majority of websites accepting the articles you submit have a rather low PageRank. This means that your articles appear in what I call “Bad Neighborhoods”. You want your articles in websites with a PageRank of 5 or better.

Consequently, stick to few highly reputable websites like EzineArticles. Your articles will be found by spiders in the “Good Neighborhoods”, and you will be able to access them regularly to keep them updated with fresh content. As web site owners find them and publish them, most of your articles are different because you regularly update them with fresh content or you change the wording in paragraphs.

Keep all of the above in mind, and read my article “Website Top Rankings – How You Do It” as you walk your way to the top gaining website top rankings. I’ll see you there.

* George Josserme
* Editor-in-Chief
* Fountain of Wisdom
Mr. Josserme is certified SEO Marketing Specialist and co-author of “SEO Secrets For Website Owners”. He fervently believes that there are two vital ingredients that a professional service cannot provide at any price: long-term passion and dedication.
Both are critically needed to gain website top rankings.

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